Monster Madness - Frankenstein 1910 (RUS)
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Декабрь 01, 2011


Monster Madness — Frankenstein 1910 (RUS)

Описание: Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness S3E1 — Frankenstein 1910 (RUS).

Автор перевода: in_cor_cadit

Категория: Monster Madness, Про кино




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    that he looks like trey, in the first book she admitted that she was totally wrong about that! derek is totally hot!! and he has those gold specks in his eyes! he is sweet respectful and awesome and kylie could feel when someone uses there emotion power on her. and derek left to get his mind straight he couldnt think straight because her emotion was ovmeewlring him. and yeah i wouldnt want to be with someone who has other feelings for another guy i’d be heart broken!!!! TEAM DEREK!

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